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Simplicity Parenting Family Life Coach Training Distance Learning

Frequently Asked Questions

– How much does this training cost?

$880 for registration inside the Early Bird period

$980 regular registration

This cost includes a wealth of learning materials and other materials for your use in your practice as a Family Life Coach; help with marketing your parent coaching, connection with your global community of peer Coaches, and monthly Mentor Calls with your trainer.

– How often is it offered?

We offer this training  twice a year, each Spring, roughly early February through April, with the conference calls on a weekday;  and each Fall, late September through November, with the calls on Saturdays.

– How much can I charge when I offer groups or workshops in my community after the training?

We recommend that you check fees charged in your community for yoga classes, as a comparison guide.We suggest $210 for the seven group gatherings, adjusted according to your unique community.You may like to consider a Pioneer Price for your first offerings; and discounts for couples, and for dads!

– How much time should I allow for study during the training?

Depending on your study skills, we suggest 3-5 hours a week during the weeks between the 5 conference calls, for reading, listening and watching your training materials, and submitting the simple assignments. The more attention and time you give, the more you will learn.

– How long does it take to build a business as a Simplicity Parenting Family Life Coach?

Please understand that especially if you are a newcomer to the field of parent support, it may take several years to build a niche for your offerings in your community.

Please check with your local community business advisors about tax and other issues so that you build your business in a fiscally responsible manner.

– Can I take the training from outside the USA?

Yes! Much of the learning material is downloadable video modules for self-paced individual study. You can buy Skype phone minutes very inexpensively to pay for attending the conference calls from anywhere in the world.

– Do I need a computer or any special skills to do this training?

You will need to able to look at a power point presentation on a computer during the conference calls; download and watch the video modules; and have email for communicating with your learning community. You will need to be able to upload and send documents and download attachments. You will need to be able to click on links and access your learning material on our website.

Many of our participants have found gaining familiarity with new technology and skills a valuable part of the training experience.

– What if I have to miss a call?

All the conference calls are recorded, and are available for 6 months after the training so you can easily catch up, and refresh later.  We encourage you not to miss more than 2 calls.

– Differences from other Simplicity Parenting programs?

This training offers at least 20 hours of instruction via conference phone calls, downloadable videos, and MP3 recordings.

Our Simplicity Parenting for Care Professionals Seminar offers 6 hours of instruction  in three 2-hour classes on three consecutive days,via a power point presentation and conference call. It is approved by the National Institute of Social Workers for 6 CEU’s. We offer this seminar twice in 2016

The Simplicity Parenting Counselor Training will be re-named as the Home Visiter Training. It offers about 10 hours of instruction and qualifies participants to offer Home Visits and more one-on one work with parents.

We offer this program approximately every other summer, to people who have completed the Family Life Coach Training, and the upcoming discipline and guidance coach training and the upcoming Parent and Child self-regulations Training,  according to interest. The tuition fee is around $650.

Please contact for more information.

– Do you offer On-site Family Life Coach Trainings?

We are happy to collaborate with any community that would like an on-site training. This would involve that community finding at least 15 participants, a good location and a Site Coordinator. We provide registration administration, ongoing guidance and written materials as support.

Please let us know if this is of interest and we can have a chat about it:

 What happens after the training?

You will be invited to post your profile and announcements about your offerings on our website page Help for Parents:  “Find a Coach near you”.

You are able to use the name Simplicity Parenting, with its growing international and national recognition, for promoting your work.

You are invited to join our online forum for coaches, for support, sharing information with our international community of trained coaches

You are invited to attend monthly free mentor calls with Davina Muse and other Coaches for ongoing support as you build your Simplicity Parenting Family Life Coach practice.

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