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Lambrini-016Lambrini Stamati
Simplicity Parenting Counselor ©

Athens, Greece

Lambrini lives in Athens, Greece. She is married and a mother of two young boys. Following a career in communications and journalism, she loves to work with and for people, providing the true, kind and necessary information, in the heart of parenting issues, focusing on family dynamics and on the relationship between children and their parents.

She is the editor for the online parents’ magazine ‘Photodentro’ (meaning Tree of Light, at She co-founded the non-profit organization Photodentra (Trees of Light), aiming to work with families and children towards their personal development and empowerment.

She has introduced the Simplicity Parenting movement in Greece, by facilitating the first Simplicity Parenting Groups in Athens, while she translated Kim John Payne’s Simplicity Parenting book in Greek (published by Kaleidoscope Publications: She has been trained as a Simplicity Parenting Group Leader (2011-2012) and as a Simplicity Parenting Counselor (2014), while she continues her education and research in systems psychology & family dynamics.

Walking on the enlightening path of simplicity, she has found inspiration and insight that she feels privileged to be sharing with the families she works with. She feels blessed to be able to walk along with parents in Greece and rediscover lees known paths, full of little treasures, gifts, realizations, changes, disappointments, new dreams and joy.

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