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Wendy Ames
Simplicity Parenting Group Leader©
MA in Cultural Anthropology

Eugene, Oregon, USA


Carla F. Austin, MS ED
Simplicity Parenting Group Leader©

Estacada, OR USA

Carla is an experienced teacher with a Masters Degree in Special Education who has taught preschool through adult learners and for many years specialized with children who had specific learning and behavioral challenges. As the parent of two happy adult daughters and grandparent of an awesome teen granddaughter, she brings the sensitivity of having made some mistakes in her own parenting and having support along the way with her own family, she is dedicated to bringing the ”inspiration, ideas, and a blueprint for change” that Simplicity Parenting offers to families. She and her husband live just outside Portland, OR, in the foothills of the Mt. Hood National Forest with their two cats and enjoy spending time with their family, gardening, and observing nature.

Mary Beaton
Simplicity Parenting Group Leader©

Portland, OR
503 230 9456

Mary leads Simplicity Parenting Groups© to create sustainable change in their homes. Contact Mary for more information about her services.

Alice Eldridge
Simplicity Parenting Group Leader©, MS

Corvallis, USA

Alice is a teacher who has worked in many facets of education including public schools, outdoor experiential education, alternative education, and charter schools. She lives in Corvallis, Oregon with her husband and daughter. In addition to parenting and teaching, Alice also facilitates Simplicity Parenting groups. Her goal is to support parents who wish to nurture a sense of deep connection with their children through ritual, rhythm, and simplicity! Through her life Alice has found that there is incredible power in groups and enjoys bringing this transformational experience to others.

Stephana Johnson
Simplicity Parenting Group Leader©, Ordained Minister and Licensed Spiritual Counselor



Portland, OR

Stephana counsels and coaches clients to take dramatic steps to enjoy
vibrant, healthy, abundant lives. As a direct result of their work
together, clients overcome fear, self-doubt, life-long struggles and
set aside other self-limiting beliefs that used to stand in the way of
them stepping into their full potential.

As a veteran in the self-improvement and wellness industries, Stephana
believes the client is ultimately responsible for achieving desired
results. It takes an enormous amount of determination to bring about
lasting change. The experience, tools and techniques Stephana brings
to each client engagement invite and inspire lasting transformation.
Best of all, she makes it fun AND as she guides each client to
discover their soul’s song their confidence grows loud and proud with
each decisive step forward.

Through the Simplicity Parenting movement she touches future generations
by empowering families with tools to raise and sustain happier,
connected families.

Stephana loves learning, laughing and growing with her two sons. She
lives a holistic lifestyle and treads softly on our planet by choosing
a life of sustainable simplicity, abundant joy and passionate purpose.

Connect through stephana@stephana.net to join our on going book study (Meets 2nd Wed of each month in NE Portland) or enroll in an in depth workshop today. 9 week workshops (first week is a free intro open to all) each season in NE Portland.

Yvonne de Maat
Simplicity Parenting Group Leader©

Portland, OR 97211
503 287 4465

Yvonne de Maat has been involved in Waldorf education for over 25 years, and started Heart in Hand Preschool 10 years ago. As an Early Childhood teacher she has enjoyed helping parents clarify their goals for their children. Parents have been able to simplify their lives and so enriched their experience as a family.

Jessica Henry
Simplicity Parenting Group Leader©, MS

Corvallis, USA
541 230-1261

Jessica has worked with families and children in many capacities for over a decade: as birth doula, LifeWays preschool teacher, art teacher, summer camp director, home childcare provider, Waldorf school extended day director, and Waldorf parent child playgroup leader. Jessica also recently started her own small business that offers life-as-the-curriculum products for families and home and center based childcare programs.

Despite a passion for workshops and trainings Jessica is most instructed by her experience of being the mother of her two children. Besides a formal education in art and education, Jessica completed doula training in 2005, and LifeWays training in 2007. Jessica finds Simplicity Parenting an insightful, approachable and invaluable tool for supporting and empowering parents to create an environment that honors the uniqueness of their family. Jessica will be offering Simplicity Parenting classes throughout her community.

Robyn Kautz
Simplicity Parenting Group Leader©

Portland, OR 97211

Robyn is the mother of a delightfully wild toddler, with another baby on the way – and certainly understands the need to, as well as the joys of, simplifying! She is the owner of simplify-me, a personal organizing and event coordination business, and is excited to add Simplicity Parenting to this mix.

Robyn has always intuited the beneficial impacts of an organized and gentle life on the health and wellness of the whole family, and she is looking forward to supporting her community, and your family, to achieve this balanced way of being.

For creativity, joy and peace!

Vanessa Kohlhaas
Simplicity Parenting Group Leader©

Langley, WA, USA

Vanessa offers support to parents and early childhood programs through adult education, mentoring, site visits, observations, and parenting groups. Vanessa has worked as an early childhood educator for the past ten years. She has a Master’s in Education, as well as certifications as a public school special education teacher and Waldorf early childhood teacher. In addition to these trainings, she has studied at the Pikler Institute in Budapest, Hungary and Resources for Infant Educarers (RIE) in Los Angeles, CA. Vanessa and her husband have two young boys and are expecting another baby this fall. She has found parenting the most humbling and inspiring path of learning.

Michelle Marcykf
Simplicity Parenting Group Leader©
503-320-7816 PST

Michelle started life in the midwest, but Oregon has been home for more than 30 years. She has a BA in Arts & Letters from Portland State U, including concentrations in psychology and education. She has volunteered over the past two decades to support children’s education and literacy. At the Portland Waldorf School, Michelle helped develop and run the library for students & parents, and she still loves to connect people with the finest resources (like Kim John Payne’s Simplicitiy Parenting!).

Michelle sees Simplicity Parenting as a very effective way to help children of typically over-busy families come back into themselves, and so receive the deep benefits of imaginative play and a thoughtfully-presented education. She brings to Simplification work her own experiences of parenting two children, who are now 20-somethings thriving out of the nest. She takes personal interest in exploring ways to move beyond the resistance that comes up during the process of change.

This work gives Michelle hope for the future. The supportive tone of the SP group allows parents to imagine what is possible on their family journey, learn from the experiences of others and make new choices one step at a time, that are closely aligned with their own values. It is encouraging to see that real transformation DOES happen, when approached with heartfelt intention and followed through with the guiding process of a Simplicity Parenting Group.

Kathy Masarie MD
Simplicity Parenting Group Leader©
author of Raising of Daughters/ Raising Our Sons

Portland, OR 97225
www.family-empower.com, www.kathymasarie.com

Dr. Kathy Masarie is a pediatrician, parent and life coach, and founder of Family Empowerment Network. For over two decades, Dr. Masarie served the medical needs of families in Pennsylvania and Oregon. Out of this work grew her concern for preventing risky behavior in kids and her development of programs to support preventative and proactive parenting. The culmination of her work has been the publication of parenting guides, Raising Our Daughters/Sons, aimed at creating strong, healthy and thriving families through self-led discussion groups.

Currently, Dr. Masarie is a sought-after speaker on raising children. She also offers one-on-one coaching, seminars, workshops, and classes on communication, simplicity parenting, coaching your kid, and personal growth. Dr. Masarie received her M.D. from the University of Oregon and did her residency at the Children’s Hospital, University of Pittsburgh. Passionate about learning, she has studied with Vicki Robin, author of Your Money or Your Life, the Living Energy of Needs Institute on Non-Violent Communication, snd The Coach Training Institute.

The mother of two grown children, she embraces the “voluntary simplicity” lifestyle in Oregon with her husband who joins her in her passion for biking and the outdoors.

Susi Sessions
Simplicity Parenting Group Leader©

Eugene, OR
541 337 4645

Parenting is one of the most beautiful, fulfilling and possibly frustrating jobs we might ever do in our lives. Nothing is as important to the well being of our children than the nature and quality of their home life.
Susi is very excited to be offering Simplicity Parenting classes in her community.
Simplicity parenting classes give parents some wonderful tools and guidelines for treating childhood with reverence, for simplifying our daily lives and for creating healthy and positive families in which children can thrive. Susi feels very grateful for her rich and wonderful path as a mother and all the deep lessons she learned from raising her three children. She has been an educator for almost 20 years. Certified as a public and Waldorf school teacher she has taught children of all ages in private and public schools.

Rafaela Steen LCSW, MPA
Simplicity Parenting Group Leader©

Portland, Oregon, USA
(503) 280-1251

Rafaela is deeply inspired by the Simplicity Parenting movement. She feels compelled to action by simplifying and being intentional in her family life and by sharing this framework with others. As a mama to three young children and partner to a dear husband, Rafaela strives to be on the path of present, mindful parenting, with simplicity and fun as her guiding principles.

By training, Rafaela is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with additional degrees in Counseling and Public Administration. Rafaela works part time in public schools as an elementary school counselor and coordinator of a family strengthening program. She has worked in various roles with children and families, including family meeting facilitator, crisis counselor, teacher and family involvement coordinator.

Lisa Weiner
Simplicity Parenting Group Leader©, RN, NP

Portland, Oregon, United States

Lisa Weiner is a mother of two boys. Before becoming a mother, Lisa worked as a women’s health nurse practitioner and enjoyed working together with her patients to create healthy changes in their lives.

Lisa found Waldorf education when her youngest son was a year-old and it resonated deeply with her and her husband’s parenting instincts. She has served on various committees and parent groups at her boys’ school and has continued to learn more and more throughout her seven-year involvement with Waldorf education.

When Lisa discovered “Simplicity Parenting”, through a Waldorf teacher, it also intuitively made sense to Lisa and provided her with some wonderful concrete tools to further simplify her family’s home and life.

Lisa enjoys reading, cooking, sewing, knitting, biking and walking. With her boys, she loves to do crafts, bird watch, bake and read.

Lisa brings her sense of humor, love of storytelling, down-to-earth style and non-judgmental attitude to her teaching.

Christine Wolf
Simplicity Parenting Group Leader©

West Linn, OR

Christine leads Simplicity Parenting Groups© to create sustainable change in their homes. Contact Christine for more information about her services.

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