Simplicity Parenting For Care Professionals 6 CEU’s

Three Tele-Class Seminar With Davina Muse LMHC


SP for CP Logo EditedA training for social workers, therapists, educators, caregivers, healthcare professionals and others who care for children and families.

-Help families build resiliency in their children

-Improve specialized treatment and/or care effectiveness by  helping to bring balance and calm to child’s home life

-Enrich your professional practice with new theory and skills

Simplicity Parenting is a multi-layered, systems approach for decreasing cumulative stress in children’s and families’ lives.  Research has shown that this comprehensive approach, based on the work and highly acclaimed book Simplicity Parenting by Kim John Payne, M.Ed., is effective in addressing and decreasing a range of clinical and subclinical symptoms, including attention difficulties, hyperactivity, impulsivity, anxiety, difficulties with sleep, and a host of stress-related behavioral and emotional symptoms.

If you are a Care Professional (clinician, social worker, family therapist, educator) please know that we will be offering 6 CEUs ( NASW approved) for our Simplicity Parenting for Care Professionals, a 6 hour seminar offered by tele-class as three two hour classes over three consecutive days.

Tuition fee: $100 per participant ( $130 with CEU’s.)

We are also willing to offer this seminar on request to groups of 12 – 15 participants. Discounts may be available in this case. If you’d like to consider gathering a group together in your community of Care Professionals, please contact Davina Muse:

See schedule and register below!

Cost: $100; with 6 CEU’s: $130

6 NASW approved CEU’s

All three calls will be at 2 pm EST and last 2.00 hours until 4 p.m. EST

Note: We encourage you to attend all three calls to benefit from the group experience. If you are obliged to miss a call you may listen to the recording.

To see a short video introduction to the course Click Here.

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April 2016

Class Day Date Time
Class 1 Wednesday April 13 2pm-4pm
Class 2 Thursday April 14 2pm-4pm
Class 3 Friday April 15 2pm-4pm


December 2016

Class Day Date Time
Class 1 Monday December 5 2pm-4pm
Class 2 Tuesday December 6 2pm-4pm
Class 3 Wednesday December 7 2pm-4pm


 Simplicity Parenting For Care Professionals  

Improve your practice as a care professional working with families 

$100-Click here to register


Simplicity Parenting For Care Professionals  With CEU’s 

Earn CEU’s while you learn. 

$130-Clicker here to register with CEU’s


You will be sent the tele-conference contact information when you register.

 “Excellent training. Davina was an amazing facilitator, enjoyable to listen to,

 easy to  understand… This will be used for sure in my practice!”



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