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Here at the Simplicity Project, we are always deeply touched by the stories you share with us. We’ve all had our struggles, inspirations, and triumphs. And every experience is unique. But there is a universal thread the runs throughout our personal narratives. What you’ve been through can touch, inspire and help others who are going through similar experiences in their relationships with children, family and friends.

We invite you to share your touching story with us. Whether it’s about a disciplinary issue you confronted, a life-changing effort you made to Simplify, or any other heartful story that others can learn or benefit from.

We may select it to be published. If we do you will receive five free copies of the book or e-book your story appears in. You will also be credited in our contributors section.

We are now accepting stories. We look forward to hearing from you!


Submission Guidelines:

1. Stories must be original, non-fiction and should be a maximum of 1,250 words in length.

2. We are not able to accept stories that have been previously published in a book or ebook (stories published on blogs are eligible).

3. Submit your story on the Stories from the Heart of Parenting section of the Simplicity Project website.

4. When we receive your story you will receive a reply, confirming that we have received your submission.


Here are some topics we are developing right now!

    1. How have your efforts to simplify your life been thwarted by family, friends, societal pressures, over-exposure to media outside of your home. And how did you overcome this?
    2. How do you continue holiday gift-giving without offending family members who may not understand the path your family has chosen or the reasons behind it.
    3. How do you give your children the message and understanding that they don’t need the electronic toys and gadgets they see other children mesmerized by.
    4. How do you handle feeling isolated on this new path, and spread the word to your friends and relatives, without offending them?
    5. How did you convince your spouse to start simplifying, and eventually, to curtail or eliminate television and other media from your children’s lives.
    6. How you helped your child understand that a “toy” or “game” he wants when at a store, or a play date is not something you will allow in your home.
    7. How would you be able to help shift your teenager away from an entitlement mind-set to a gratitude mind-set?
    8. Stories about ways you have been able to disengage when your child is pushing all your buttons and avoid a strong emotional reaction. A moment when you were truly able to see your child as a whole being as opposed to a stress-inducing nag.
    9. What issues and struggles are coming up among siblings and how have you been able to navigate or resolve them?
    10. How Media Affects Our Children… Tell us your experience with T.V., video games, Ipod, Ipad, laptop etc.

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