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I hope yesterday’s post gave you some good food for thought around your family’s screen time and steps you can take to get more in charge of it! Here is the second part of my list: Do real work in the presence of your children. Real work is this: washing dishes, sweeping the kitchen, folding laundry, making soup, etc.  Seeing us do actual, physical work – with results they can see – inspires our children to do their work (play!). Bring back car games! Don’t turn on that DVD player while driving.  Staring out the window is a great time for that essential part of childhood – daydreaming.  Or being bored.  Or finding all the letters of the alphabet on license […]

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I just returned from a great weekend at Moharimet Elementary School in New Hampshire where we explored screen time from several different angles.  After exploring screens through the lens of what our children are not doing when they are doing screen time (likely, not getting bored, not engaging in deep play and not wondering – a lost art in our Age of Google), we explored 10 tips to get in charge of screen time. Today I’m going to share 5, and tomorrow I’ll share 5 more.  Please do let me know which of these resonate for you! Be a good media role model. Model “The Pause”. Clear screen time parameters: the struggle is less when the parameters are clear. For […]

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Sun Valley ID
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Sun Valley ID @ Sun Valley Wellness Festival
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