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“Taking the Bait” Wow! It is so easy to be distracted. Just in writing this first sentence I was distracted by my mind numerous times. Questions like, “Didn’t I write some notes on this before?” and, “Yes you should look through your whole notebook and reread everything for the past two years to see if there’s one note on distraction, or “Wait let me search my whole computer and internet to see what others have written on the subject”. Suddenly, it is a week later and I still have only one sentence written. Furthermore, I’ve fallen into the comparison trap and have doubts about what I’m about to write. “Will it be good enough? I’ve just read so many great […]

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You accuse me of “sheltering my kids” like it is a bad thing. For 9 months they were part of my body. For another year+ they needed to be within arms reach for both nourishment and mobility. They will walk out on their own into the world around the age of 18. But there is a a huge transition for them to go through between being a toddler and being an adult. This transition is made possible through sheltering. It is a parent’s job and responsibility to help kids grow, learn about the world, and feel the pain of the world at a rate that they can handle and will benefit them. This is sheltering and I fully intend on […]

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