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G.K. Chesterton claimed that “Fairy tales do not tell children the dragons exist.  Children already know that dragons exist.  Fairy tales tell children the dragons can be killed.”
  I couldn’t agree more.  However, dragons can still be scary, and, at some ages, too scary to even think about going to battle with them.  Instead, the dragons might battle them at nighttime and add stress to our little ones’ lives. The ability to abstract the “lesson” from a fairytale is (obviously) based on the story itself and the children’s age.  I’ve been watching my little girls because they are very adept at picking out lessons – those intended and unintended.  They see that Hansel and Gretel manage to get Hansel out […]

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I have pretty strict standards about children’s books–they should move slowly, not contain a lot of exclamation points, mostly take place outdoors in nature, be well-written, and, finally, feature adults who are worthy of emulation (except of course, the archetypal “bad” characters: evil kings, witches, mischievous trolls etc.). While this approach requires more groundwork in picking books, the pay-off is having books that support your children’s growth, are in line with your values, and promote a lifelong love of, and respect for, good literature. I also like reading seasonally relevant books– this supports a sense of the rhythm of the year and pulling out “old friend books” as their season comes around each year is a true simple delight. Here […]

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