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It took me three attempts to get my driver’s license. I knew how to drive.  I had zero mistakes in my theoretical exam. And yet, three times. The reason?  Fear. Plain old fear. I’m a rather cautious person to begin with. I’m afraid to do something wrong, even more so when I was a teenager. But there were many other areas of my life, where I overcame fear, worked with it, didn’t let it stop me. Driving, on the other hand, was also a fear of my mom’s.  She’d drive, but never be completely comfortable. So every single one of my worries got a response to feed it. “I’m afraid to drive in the dark.” – “Me, too.” “I’m worried […]

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On Sunday, I posted on my personal Facebook page that we had just got through a couple of meltdowns and that although I’m generally pretty calm, I’m not always.  And sometimes I react.  I raise my voice.  I get frustrated. Now, part of me felt very vulnerable sharing.  I didn’t want to be judged.  I didn’t want to be perceived as a bad mom (I’m not) and I wasn’t looking for advice.  I just wanted to breathe in the moment and let others know that it happens.  This is real life.  Kids cry.  Sometimes parents don’t want to be parents.  Sometimes we react in ways we’re not proud of and sometimes we slip up.  It’s part of being human.  It’s so easy to feel and […]

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