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NEW PRODUCT! Simplicity Parenting© Book Group Guide

Are you starting a book study in your community? You’ll want to purchase our new Book Group Guide that will provide for you instructions on how to start your group and get the most out of your reading together!

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Simplicity Parenting© – The Complete MP3 Lecture Series
(This bundle includes five lectures, which are also available separately below)

Purchase this bundled package of MP3 audios that supplement chapters in Kim’s book, Simplicity Parenting. Now you can reflect more deeply on making simplicity changes as a result to listening to Kim’s reflections and anecdotal stories with his signature warmth and humor.

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Why Simplify? – Part 1 Simplicity Parenting© Audio Series

Today’s busier, faster, supersized society is waging an undeclared war . . . on childhood. As the pace of life accelerates to hyperspeed–with too much stuff, too many choices, and too little time–children feel the pressure. They can become anxious, have trouble with friends and school, or even be diagnosed with behavioral problems.

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Environment – Part 2 Simplicity Parenting© Audio Series

Streamline your home environment. The average child has more than 150 toys. Here are tips for reducing the amount of toys, books, and clutter–as well as the lights, sounds, and general sensory overload that crowd the space young imaginations need in order to grow.

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Rhythm – Part 3 Simplicity Parenting© Audio Series

Establish rhythms and rituals. Predictability (routines) and transparency (knowing the day’s plan) are soothing pressure valves for children. Here are ways to ease daily tensions, create battle-free mealtimes and bedtimes, and tell if your child is overwhelmed.

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Scheduling – Part 4 Simplicity Parenting© Audio Series

Schedule a break in the schedule. Too many activities may limit childrens’ ability to motivate and direct themselves. Learn how to establish intervals of calm in your child’s daily torrent of constant doing–and familiarize yourself with the pros and cons of organized sports and other “enrichment” activities.

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Filtering – Part 5 Simplicity Parenting© Audio Series

Scale back on media and parental involvement. Back out of hyper-parenting by managing your children’s “screen time” to limit the endless and sometimes scary deluge of information and stimulation.



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The Soul of Discipline: Raising Respectful Children in a Culture of Disrespect

A parent’s journey is filled with both precious moments and difficult situations. Our sense of how we are doing is often determined by the way in which we respond to the flash points of parenting. These moments will either refine or consume us.

Parenting and discipline styles have changed over the years yet often these influences flow into our family and classroom life today. It is so revealing to explore discipline styles past and present, from the old “blind obedience” to behavior modifications based on punishment and reward or even to our present day behavior affirmation, often expressed as the “good job” culture.

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The Socially Resilient Child : How to Help your Child Not Be Teased

While schools can do a lot to work through situations of teasing, parents can be very effective in giving their children some age appropriate simple strategies to avoid being caught up in the destructive cycle of teasing and bullying.

“It was fun planning things with my parents that made such a huge difference at school! I don’t get picked on any more and I have friends, and that’s a really big change.” Damian 10 years old.

“I no longer feel frustrated and helpless. These strategies work and work right away.” Dianne Bloomberg, Mother of a 4th grader.

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Social Inclusion: The New Rite of Passage

The social inclusion approach is a way of combating the problem of isolation that is, sadly, a growing part of the experience of most children today. Developed over 24 years with children from almost every continent, this approach gives practical playground, classroom and home based tools to work with social exclusion issues.

The social inclusion approach emphasizes politeness and courtesy as keys to establishing social impulse control and empathetic relationships at home and school and uses techniques such as the “Put Down Diet” to bring greater awareness to our verbal and non verbal communication. The approach offers simple interventions which can be used by teachers and parents alike such as “Disapprove/Affirm-Discover-Do over” the three foundations of helping children change negative social patterns without needing to be blamed and shamed.

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Compassionate Response : A Guided Meditation

Originally developed for use with violent men in domestic situations, this meditative method teaches participants a means of shifting reactive habits of communication and enables new ways of seeing others – your children, colleagues, partners, friends other family members. More importantly, it also enables you to shift reactive emotional habits and allows new ways of working with social tension, differences and other conflict.

Using the meditation, you can transform the ways you imagine other people. Instead of seeing just the difficulties between you, this meditation allows you to see past the behaviors, actions or words that cause you upset to meet, instead, the whole person – their unique splendor as human beings as well as the “icky bits” which grate on you and trigger unhelpful reactions.

This mediation does not require any particular preparation, nor is it founded in any particular spiritual tradition. It is a simple method of allowing your imagination to create new and complete pictures of the people in your life which can inspire different ways of reacting when difficulties arise.

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Tweens & Teens: New Ideas for a Changing World

This is a wide-ranging presentation that introduces many issues that challenge the modern-day tweenager, teenager, parent and teacher. We may explore many issues effecting young people between the ages of 10 and 18, and offer workable strategies for navigating what is one of the most difficult periods for parents, teachers and teenagers alike. Some topics include the phases of adolescence and how these may be expressed and anticipated; the similarities and the differing needs of boys and girls; an overview of addictive tendencies and how to meet them in creative ways and the defining the roles played within peer groups.

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